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You do your utmost to satisfy your customers and suppliers, but a mistake, accident or professional error can happen at any time. This is proven by the growing number of claims being made. Since the amounts claimed are also rising, good liability insurance is highly recommended.


Why choose Van Dessel?

  • As a self-employed individual, you are exposed to a number of different types of liability. Usually we only think of civil liability, but it is also important, for example, to insure yourself for professional or directors' liability. We combine all liability insurance that you need into one policy package.
  • If you work as a consultant for several customers, then the question of your liability can be a complex one. We carefully analyse the various contractual conditions in order to plug gaps in your liability insurance and to avoid overlaps with existing cover.
  • We pay close attention to sublimits and the scope of insured capital.
  • Civil liability for business operations   
    • Civil liability insurance for business operations covers you for damages inflicted upon third parties in the course of your business activities.
  • Civil liability after delivery
    • This add-on to civil liability insurance for business operations covers you for damage caused to third parties by the products you supply or the work you carry out. This includes manufacturing defects or errors in installation or repair.
  • Professional liability
    • A wrong calculation, incorrect or incomplete advice, a mistake or negligence: professional errors can happen to anyone. That is why professional liability insurance is essential. Especially if you are a service provider active in the IT, construction, legal, financial or medical sectors, where professional errors can have severe consequences. This insurance is even obligatory for certain regulated professions.
  • Directors' liability
    • As director of a company, you may personally be held liable (with your personal assets) for errors you make in the exercise of your duties as director. An incorrect investment decision, late submission of or failure to submit annual accounts and lack of or insufficient insurance cover are just some examples of claims for which you can be held liable by shareholders and third parties. Directors' liability insurance, also referred to as D&O (Directors' & Officers' Liability), helps you limit the financial risks of your role as director or manager.
  • Employers' liability
    • Employers' liability insurance protects your company against the potentially severe financial consequences of employment-related errors, such as discrimination, sexual harassment and unfair dismissal.
  • Strict liability
    • Operators of public establishments (hotels, youth hostels, sports halls, cultural centres, educational institutions, retirement homes, large catering businesses, etc.) are legally obliged to take out a strict liability insurance policy. This protects them against claims that may be made by victims in the event of a fire or an explosion.
  • All risks construction insurance
    • Contractors, architects, property developers – construction projects involve a large number of different parties. This increases the likelihood of discussions, postponement of construction and complex procedures in the event of a claim. All risks construction insurance covers the construction work during the entire construction phase against damage and theft, and insures all parties together under one policy, meaning that when damages arise, there is no discussion as to the amount and distribution of compensation.
  • Ten-year construction insurance
    • After completion of a construction or renovation project, the contractor, property developer, seller and architect remain liable for errors and severe defects in the building (cracks in the walls, damp, etc.) for a period of ten years. Ten-year construction insurance covers the costs of repairs and prevents lengthy discussions about the distribution of the cost of claims.
  • Environmental liability
    • Environmental liability insurance has become a nigh-on essential add-on to traditional fire insurance and civil liability insurance for business operations. Environmental legislation is becoming increasingly stringent and there is growing pressure on businesses to be socially responsible. That is why more and more companies are playing it safe by taking out environmental liability insurance. This covers your company against any environmental damage it may cause (pollution, damage to biodiversity, etc.).
  • Recall and contamination
    • Contaminated products and recalls: the worst nightmare of any producer, distributor or retailer. It not only costs a great deal of money, but also brings with it negative publicity, reputational damage, loss of customers and a drop in sales figures. In order to insure yourself against this kind of damage, you will need recall and contamination insurance as an add-on to your civil liability insurance policy.
  • Logistics policy
    • If you are expanding your transport company's operations to include logistical services, you will need broader liability insurance.
  • CMR
    • This transport liability insurance protects you, as a haulier, against the risk of damage to or loss of goods, theft and late delivery.