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Insure your company against internal and external fraud

The number of reported fraud cases in companies has increased exponentially in recent years. It is only natural that companies are desirable prey for scammers due to the large quantities of data, goods and money that are circulating there. Cyber criminals remain a major threat, but the danger also comes from other sources. Internal fraud by the company’s own employees and external fraud through malicious intent from people outside the company are increasingly common. You can protect yourself against these risks by means of a fraud insurance.

What types of fraud can your company be confronted with?

Cyber fraud

Virtually all companies are now familiar with the issue of cyber criminality, but this does not mean they can relax with regard to cyber-attacks involving viruses, phishing emails and data leaks due to computer misuse. Cyber insurance restricts the (financial) consequential damage from cyber fraud.

Internal fraud

Many companies don’t have an extensive internal control system, because they rely on a relationship of trust with their staff. As a result, employees whose intentions are less trustworthy still have the opportunity to commit internal fraud often enough. Some common examples:

  • the payment of fictitious invoices into a private account
  • theft of office equipment
  • the purchase of goods for private purchases on behalf of the company

External fraud

People from outside the company commit fraud to steal money or goods:

  • CEO fraud or identity theft
  • interception and falsification of invoices and orders
  • falsification of an e-mail, vote or signature

What are the consequences of fraud for your company?

Cases of fraud always have an immediate financial impact. But the harmful consequences often reach further than that. Your company’s reputation can also be seriously damaged.

Why enter into a fraud insurance for your company?

A fraud insurance protects your company against the risks of internal and external fraud. In the event of damage, you will be compensated for the financial loss caused by the fraud, including damage to your reputation.

In addition, a fraud insurance completes your prevention policy. Our experts provide you with advice on how to anticipate fraudulent practices. Prevention is still better than cure!

Have you already entered into a cyber insurance? Then a fraud insurance is the perfect supplement to be fully covered against cyber and fraud risks.

What are the benefits of a fraud insurance via Van Dessel?

  • Full protection against the direct and indirect consequences of fraud committed by your own employees and third parties
  • Immediate coverage without an audit
  • Guarantees and premiums adapted to the size and activities of your company
  • Practical prevention advice for your fight against fraud
  • Immediate individual support if damage is discovered

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