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What risks are covered by a machinery breakdown insurance?

A machinery breakdown insurance covers all machines, devices and installations that are necessary to carry out your business operations, and relates to material damage to those machines. In addition to damage resulting from internal causes or due to a lack of raw materials, this policy also insures damage due to human error (clumsiness, negligence or inexperience).

To what should you pay attention when you take out a machinery breakdown insurance?

Machines that are essential for the proper operation of a company or production process are often very expensive, and so is their repair or replacement. We therefore very accurately define the value of the risks that are insured by your machinery breakdown policy. In this way, you can be sure that you will be correctly reimbursed for the repair or replacement costs in the event of damage.

As this often involves large amounts, we also consider it important that the payment is made quickly. We therefore have our own claims department that ensures smooth handling.

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