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What risks does Civil Liability Operation insurance cover?

Something can always go wrong during the execution of your business activities: during a home visit, you break an expensive vase, one of your mechanics accidentally scratches a customer’s car during a repair job, etc. In all these cases, the victim can hold you and your company liable.

A Civil Liability Operation insurance policy covers such damage unintentionally caused to third parties during the activities of the company:

  • damage caused by goods belonging to the company or for which the company is responsible (buildings, machinery, vehicles, rented or entrusted objects, etc.);
  • damage caused by the company’s activities;
  • damage caused by persons acting for the company: personnel, managers, partners, temporary workers, apprentices, work students, directors, volunteers, etc.

The Civil Liability Operation insurance only covers your so-called non-contractual civil liability for damage to third parties. Damage resulting from the performance of a service or the delivery of a product must be insured by means of the After Delivery and Professional Liability cover.

What should you be aware of when taking out Civil Liability Operation insurance?

For watertight cover, it is important that the nature of your business activities are very precisely described. When drawing up your insurance contract, we carry out a thorough analysis which gives us a clear picture of the specific risks you run.

We will also examine whether your policy should be extended to include Civil Liability After Delivery cover. This ensures that you are not only insured for damage to third parties during the performance of your activities, but also afterwards.

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