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Objective Liability Insurance: a legal obligation for establishments accessible to the public

When an explosion or fire occurs in a publicly accessible establishment, victims may claim compensation from the operator. They do not even have to prove that he is at fault: ‘objective liability’ means that the operator is obliged to compensate for the damage.

Because ordinary fire insurance or Civil Liability insurance is not sufficient in such a case, owners of public places are obliged by law to take out Objective Liability Insurance.

For which establishments must Objective Liability Insurance be taken out?

Objective Liability Insurance must be taken out for establishments such as: 

  • restaurants and cafés (with a surface area of at least 50m²),
  • hotels and youth hostels,
  • office buildings (above a minimum of 500m²),
  • cultural centres, event halls, sports halls and multi-purpose halls,
  • nursing homes and rest homes,
  • educational institutions,
  • sales areas (larger than 1,000 m²).

What risks are covered by Objective Liability Insurance?

Objective Civil Liability Insurance covers – up to a certain ceiling – the physical, material and immaterial damage suffered by victims as a result of fire or explosion in an institution that is open to the public. Rescue costs and costs and fees of lawyers and experts are also reimbursed within the limits of the sum insured.

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