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Employees are an important resource, if not the most important resource a company has. So you want to make sure you look after your staff as best possible. Fortunately, there are numerous insurance policies that help you do this.


Your employees must be able to work safely and with peace of mind. You can add to your statutory occupational accident insurance with a group accident policy and a kidnap and ransom policy, or with war risks cover if your staff have to work in risky areas or situations.

At the same time, it's important to keep your employees motivated. Extra-legal benefits such as group and hospitalisation insurance make for a nice addition to their wage packet and protect your employees in their personal lives.

Why choose Van Dessel?

  • The legislation on occupational accidents dates back to 1971 and has not been updated in line with changes in society. We offer you the necessary add-ons to adapt your occupational accident policy to modern-day risks and the specific circumstances in your company.
  • Our specialists monitor social, legal and financial trends in order to keep your employee benefits plan up to date at all times.
  • Employee benefits
    • These days, as an employer you are almost obliged to offer your employees extra-legal benefits. This is not only a good way of expanding their wage packet and motivating them, but it also helps paint a positive picture of your company, as it shows that you care about your staff.

      Your employee benefits plan can contain a range of components: group pension and life insurance, hospitalisation insurance, guaranteed income in the event of incapacity to work, pension funds, etc.
  • Occupational accidents
    • You are obliged by law to take out occupational accident insurance for your staff. This insurance will pay out if one of your employees has an accident at work or on the way to or from work. Occupational accident insurance covers medical costs, among others, provides incapacity to work compensation and ensures a contribution is paid to relatives if one of your employees passes away.

      A growing number of countries are being plagued by terrorism, attacks, uprisings and war. If you have employees working in such high-risk countries, you can introduce an add-on to your occupational accident policy for war risks.
  • Group accident insurance
    • Due to changes such as the introduction of working from home and flexitime, there are very few businesses remaining where everyone works a standard nine-to-five job. Since occupational accident legislation contains a number of strict definitions, a traditional occupational accident policy often no longer suffices to cover your staff in every working situation. That's why it is advisable to extend your cover with a group accident policy. This provides 24/7 cover against accidents, including those experienced by your employees when they are not at work. This means they are properly insured at all times and helps you avoid conflict as to whether an accident happened at work or not.
  •  Managers' insurance
    • As a manager, you play an essential role within your company. This means your death or incapacity to work can have serious consequences. That's why you should take out cover in the form of key man insurance or managers' insurance. These policies provide for a lump sum for your company in your absence, in order to better compensate for financial losses.
  • Kidnap and ransom (K&R)
    • Due to increasing globalisation, ever more companies are operating internationally, sometimes in high-risk countries in the Middle East, Latin and Central America and Africa. This does not come without its risks, as we can see from the regular media reports about hijacks and kidnappings in these areas. However, your employees can even run certain risks closer to home. For example, in the case of a tiger kidnapping where a ransom is being demanded. With K&R insurance, you and your staff are covered when it comes to the financial consequences of such crimes.
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