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Rising sales figures indicate that electric cars are gradually becoming more commonplace. However, the insurance market is struggling to respond to this trend. As electric cars cost more to purchase and are associated with more expensive claims, only a small number of insurers offer a comprehensive solution for these kinds of vehicles. With VD EV (Electric Vehicle) Solutions, we are plugging this gap in the insurance market.

What makes us different?

  • We will insure your electric car at a competitive price. Put this to the test for your Tesla: calculate your premium in a few clicks.
  • Our EV insurance provides very broad cover. In addition to the civil liability cover required by law, it also includes comprehensive insurance for your electric vehicle.  
  • During the first three years of your contract, no depreciation is applied to certain types of car. This means that if your car is written off during this period, you will receive compensation equivalent to 100% of the purchase value.  
  • VD EV Solutions is a transparent product without small print, which prevents conflict. In the event of own damages, for example, there is a fixed excess of 950 euros for a Tesla.

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