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Due to the high volume of traffic, many accidents occur on our roads every day. This makes good insurance essential if you transport passengers or goods. As a specialist in transport insurance, we ensure that you can take to the road with peace of mind.

What makes us different?

  • With our in-house software, VD Fleet Solutions, you can manage your policies and claims online 24/7. It's easy and transparent: all of your policies are summarised in one easy-to-understand contract.
  • We also insure your transport activities abroad. Thanks to our membership of a number of international brokers' networks, we are always fully up to date with local legislation. Thanks to our branch in Slovakia, we can even help you on the ground in the event of a claim or insurance problems.  
  • Our policies with our own terms and conditions cover a lot of areas that are not included elsewhere. So what's in it for you? Much less discussion in the event of a claim thanks to our very limited list of exceptions.  

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