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Entrepreneurship means daring to take risks. As the manager of a company, you know that the road to success does not come without its setbacks. It is simply a question of properly assessing and managing your risks. And we have an answer for that: VD Manager Solutions.

This insurance package includes all the necessary cover for your business, professional activities and private life:

  • Liability
  • Legal aid
  • Car insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Pension
  • Incapacity to work (insurance covering guaranteed income and turnover insurance)
  • Death
  • Hospitalisation
  • Travel assistance
  • Real estate financing

What makes us different?

  • We focus on quality even more than on price. You can rest assured that you will be properly insured and that all your risks are covered.
  • Most insurance policies only cover your civil liability. However, it is also important to take out professional, directors' and potentially employers' liability insurance. We combine all liability risks to which you are subject in one policy package.
  • The liability of consultants working for several customers can be a complex puzzle. We carefully analyse the various contractual conditions in order to plug gaps in your liability insurance and to avoid overlaps with existing cover.  
  • Our special terms and conditions for valuable mid-range cars, exclusive vehicles and vintage cars are unique on the market.

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