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Companies in the concrete and screed sector are faced with diverse and complex risks. For example, they work with very expensive vehicles that are not easy to replace. The construction projects on which they work are often large-scale. In addition, the work performed by their employees is never risk-free. Such exceptional risks demand a special insurance solution: VD Concrete Solutions.

This insurance package covers concrete and screed companies for all of the specific risks of their trade:

  • liability insurance for damage to third parties;
  • fire and trading loss insurance to compensate for financial losses in the event of material damage to your vehicles and assets;
  • machine failure insurance to protect your machine fleet;
  • legal aid insurance;
  • occupational accident insurance.

What makes us different?

  • Our insurance solution is the only one of its kind on the market. We combine all of the cover you need in one package.
  • VD Concrete Solutions offers you various special types of cover. For example, you benefit from fully comprehensive and civil liability insurance for your vehicles, you receive ten-year catastrophe insurance for 90% of the purchase price in the event of fire damage to your vehicles, and partial machine failure claims are reimbursed without depreciation of the value.

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