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If you use your car for both business and private engagements, you need more than just personal car insurance. In this case, you should take out business car insurance, just as you do for company vehicles used specifically for your activities as a self-employed person.

If you have several company vehicles, you can incorporate the policies for these vehicles into one fleet policy.

Why choose Van Dessel?

  • We will find out which insurance company offers the best conditions and tariffs.
  • In the event of a claim, we defend your interests and immediately launch the necessary procedures to get you back on the road as soon as possible.
  • For valuable mid-range cars, exclusive vehicles and vintage cars, we offer special conditions that are unparalleled on the insurance market.
  • We specialise in fleet insurance. By covering all of your company vehicles with one policy, we are able to offer you attractive conditions and significantly simplify administration. With our software package VD Fleet Solutions you can consult the policies and claims for your fleet online, 24/7.
  • Civil liability
    • The legally stipulated civil liability vehicle insurance covers damage suffered by passengers and other parties as a result of an accident for which you are liable. But be aware: this does not cover your own physical injuries and damage to your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive insurance
    • If you also want insurance for damage to your own vehicle, you can take out comprehensive insurance. Limited comprehensive insurance covers your car against damage caused by fire, broken glass, storms and hail, collision with animals and theft. Fully comprehensive insurance also covers you for damage you cause yourself, damage following hit-and-run offences and vandalism.
  • Catastrophe insurance
    • Fire insurance does not usually cover fire damage to your company car(s). That's why it is advisable to extend your fire insurance with catastrophe cover, which will provide compensation for such damage.
  • Drivers' insurance
    • Drivers' insurance is recommended in order to cover the physical injuries suffered by the driver during an accident for which they are responsible. In most cases, this is not covered by civil liability or comprehensive car insurance.
  • Legal aid
    • It is not rare for a car accident to lead to legal proceedings. In such cases, it is useful to be able to call upon your legal aid insurance. Under such a policy, you receive legal support and will be defended in court, and you will also be compensated for legal fees.
  • Roadside assistance and breakdown insurance
    • If your car breaks down or you are involved in an accident, you will receive roadside assistance. Your vehicle will be repaired or towed away, and some policies even provide the option of a courtesy car.
  • Fleet insurance
    • Taking out one fleet insurance policy to cover all your vehicles allows you to benefit from attractive conditions and significantly simplifies administration. As a specialist in this field, we have developed our own management tool: VD Fleet Solutions.