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Anyone who is able to set aside money regularly or on a one-off basis is bound to wonder how to get the best return on their savings. Traditional savings accounts hardly offer any returns at all any more, but many think investing their money is too risky. Branch 21 or branch 23 lifetime savings insurance offers a happy medium, and can supplement statutory pension savings and long-term savings.

Why choose Van Dessel?

  • We draw up a plan that respects your savings and investment profile and protects your future.
  • We are totally flexible when it comes to shaping your savings plan. It is perfectly feasible to deposit a monthly amount in line with your available resources.
  • As an independent broker, we work with the best external asset managers and funds.
  • Branch 21 lifetime savings insurance
    • Branch 21 lifetime savings insurance is a secure savings solution. You save at your own pace and receive a guaranteed return. In addition, the return on your savings may be supplemented by an annual share in profits, and in certain cases you may be exempt from withholding tax. However, the returns on such policies are rather limited at the moment.
  • Branch 23 lifetime savings insurance
    • Branch 23 lifetime savings insurance offers you a greater chance of higher returns, but also involves more risk. For example, there is no guaranteed return, as your profit/loss margin depends on the performance of the funds invested in. You do not have to pay withholding tax on this insurance.
  • Combination of branch 21 and branch 23 ('branch 44')
    • Branch 44 insurance combines the benefits of branch 21 and branch 23: you can get a good return on your savings thanks to the potentially high branch 23 returns, but at the same time you don't run any major risks with the part you invest in branch 21.
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