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The high volume of traffic on our roads makes them a dangerous place to be. That's why good insurance is essential if you transport passengers or goods. As a specialist in transport insurance,
we ensure that you can take to the road with peace of mind.


Why choose Van Dessel?

  • We use our own software that allows you to manage your policies and claims online 24/7. It's easy and transparent: all of your transport policies are summarised in one easy-to-understand contract.
  • We also insure your transport activities abroad. Thanks to our many years of experience and membership of a number of international brokers' networks, we are always fully up to date with local legislation. Thanks to our branch in Slovakia, we can even help you on the ground in the event of a claim or insurance problems.
  • Our policies with our own terms and conditions cover a lot of areas that are not included elsewhere. So what's in it for you? Much less discussion in the event of a claim thanks to our very limited list of exceptions.
  • All risks transport insurance   
    • This goods or cargo insurance policy covers goods owned by you that you transport or have transported against risks occurring during transport (damage, loss, etc.).
  • CMR insurance
    • This transport liability insurance protects the interests of the transporter themselves. If you are responsible for transporting goods belonging to third parties, then you are liable for their damage or loss during transport. Our CMR policies, developed by us in-house, also cover you for late delivery and theft, perishable goods, contamination damage to liquids and powders, costs of cleaning, disposal and destruction, etc.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
    • Our all risks fully comprehensive insurance for your vehicles includes only a very small list of exceptions.
  • Liability insurance for logistical services
    • Logistical services such as storage, warehouse handling, container handling, labelling, etc. do not fall under the liability cover of a CMR policy. For these activities, you require a broader liability insurance policy for logistical services.
  • Insurance of passenger transport (bus & coach)
    • If you transport passengers, you want absolute certainty. Since the terms and conditions of typical bus and coach policies are often insufficient, we draw up specific policies that make sure your insurance is watertight.
  • Fleet insurance
    • Our administration tool VD Fleet Solutions provides a clear overview of all of the policies in relation to your vehicles in one summary contract. Any modification to your policies and the effect on your premium will be instantly displayed. It also allows you to essentially watch over your case manager's shoulder whilst they process your claims.