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Being admitted to hospital or receiving treatment for an illness is often associated with substantial costs. What's more, you will also see a drop in your professional income if this leaves you unable to work. If you are self-employed, you do receive a contribution from social security in the event of incapacity to work, but this is never enough to compensate for the loss of income. That's why insurance policies are available that will offer you and your family extra financial protection.

Why choose Van Dessel?

  • The financial consequences of incapacity to work are not easy to estimate. Our experienced specialists draw up a detailed overview of your situation and propose an insurance solution that is best suited to you.
  • Taking out your first hospitalisation or disability insurance policy involves a large number of administrative and medical formalities. We are here to help and will be happy to take as much of that work as possible off your hands. 
  • We also optimise your contract on the basis of regular analysis of this niche of the insurance market.
  • Hospitalisation insurance
    • Hospitalisation insurance covers the costs of being admitted to hospital due to illness, an accident or childbirth. Depending on the options you choose, you will be compensated in full or in part for the cost of your stay, consultations, medication, prostheses, etc. In the case of certain serious illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, the costs of your outpatient treatment (not taking place at the hospital) are also covered.

  • Guaranteed income insurance
    • If you become temporarily or permanently unable to work due to illness or an accident and are self-employed, you are entitled to social security compensation. However, this alone is not sufficient for you to continue your life as normal. That is why guaranteed income insurance is advisable: this also covers loss of professional income.

  • Turnover insurance
    • Turnover insurance covers the loss of turnover experienced by your company during periods when you, the director, are absent as a result of illness or an accident.

  • Fixed costs insurance
    • Your company's overheads will continue to fall due if you become unable to work, and during long absences they can really mount up. With a fixed costs insurance policy, you will receive a monthly payment for a specified period to cover your overheads in full or in part.