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Building up your company and acquiring assets requires substantial investments that often weigh on your budget for many years. Damage to your material or immaterial property can therefore have dire consequences, especially if it means putting a temporary stop to your professional activities. That is why good business insurance is essential.

Why choose Van Dessel?

  • We pay close attention to correctly insuring capital, which forms the foundations of a robust insurance policy.
  • Our own policy wordings go further than the standard terms and conditions, meaning you are better protected.
  • We work together with specialised external consultants in risk management, prevention and taxation. We translate their recommendations into practical advice for you.
  • Fire
    • Fire insurance covers material damage to your business assets as a result of fire, explosion, lightning, etc. Damage as a result of storms, hail, snow, electricity, natural disasters and broken glass can also be covered under this policy.

      If you exercise your professional activity in your own home, you will need an add-on to your family insurance policy. Your activity as a self-employed individual creates an extra legal party in your household, meaning that your normal fire insurance is no longer sufficient.
  • Trading loss
    • Trading loss insurance covers the financial losses you incur as a result of material damage to your company building and contents. After all, you don't only have to cover repair costs, your production process will also be slowed down or brought to a halt. This causes your turnover to drop, whilst your overheads continue to fall due. In the event of severe damage, the survival of your company may even be called into question.
  • Theft
  • Machine failure
    • Machine failure insurance covers the costs of repairing and replacing defective machines. It is essential for companies with a large machine fleet.
  • All risks electronics insurance
    • All risks electronics insurance covers material damage to electrical and electronic devices in your office space: telephones, computers, printers, etc.
  • All risks construction insurance
  • Media insurance
    • Companies in the media sector often work with very expensive equipment that must also be transported on a regular basis. For this specific risk, we have developed a unique insurance package: VD Media Solutions.
  • All risks transport insurance