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These days, it's hard to imagine wage packets without employee benefits. These extra-legal benefits protect your employees against the financial risks of illness, accidents, retirement or death. With the additional perk of their beneficial tax status, they are an important tool for attracting staff and keeping them motivated. And as an employer, you can enjoy tax benefits too.


When it comes to offering employee benefits, it's best to call upon a partner who knows their stuff. That's because your employee benefits plan will only be successful if it provides the right cover, if the financing is done right and if the benefits are clearly communicated to your employees. In addition, these are complex fiscal products that are subject to strict supervision by legislators.

Your employee benefits package can contain a range of components:

  • medical costs plan, personal accident insurance;
  • guaranteed income and incapacity for work plan;
  • pension plan;
  • death plan.


You can also opt for a less traditional package:

  • A cafeteria plan allows your employees a certain degree of involvement in the composition of their package of extra-legal benefits. Within a specified budget, they are able to choose the cover that is most suited to their personal situation.
  • A bonus plan is an interesting alternative to cash bonuses. Depending on whether one or several objectives are met, this plan sees a payment made into a group insurance plan.


In addition to employee benefits plans, we also offer audits. This analysis can teach you an awful lot about your existing group insurance plan:

  • Is my plan compliant with current legislation?
  • Is the costs and tariff structure optimal?
  • What is the return on my plan?
  • What about the solvency and response speed of the insurance company behind my plan?
  • Does my plan make use of available online systems?


What makes us different?

  • We can advise you both on starting up a new employee benefits plan and on transferring an existing package.
  • Personalisation is more important than ever in this field. We always design or revise your plan taking your HR policy and budget into account.
  • Employee benefits are often underestimated by your employees. This is due on the one hand to their complexity, and on the other due to a lack of communication about the benefits. By way of info sessions and a clear summary document, we ensure that your employees understand and appreciate their benefits.
  • We offer support for companies that are active abroad. Thanks to our membership of international networks, we can draw up employee benefits plans that are perfectly tailored to local legislation.
  • Employee benefits are constantly undergoing modifications as a result of changes in legislation, trends on the financial markets and in the population, etc. We will always keep your plan up to date by way of detailed monitoring, follow-up and support.

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