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When you pass away, you leave your loved ones behind with a great deal of sadness. To avoid them also ending up in financial difficulties, you can offer them financial security by taking out life insurance.

Why choose Van Dessel?

  • Life insurance can offer you a substantial tax advantage. We ensure tax optimisation of your life insurance policies.
  • It's not easy to objectively and realistically judge the financial impact of your death. We offer professional advice taking into account your personal situation and wishes.
  • Through close cooperation with insurance companies specialising in this subject, we are able to offer you top products
  • Lifelong life insurance
    • A lifelong life insurance policy pays out a lump sum to your beneficiaries upon your death.

  • Limited period life insurance
    • Limited period life insurance only covers you for a certain period. A lump sum will only be paid out to your loved ones if you pass away before the expiry date of the policy.

  • Outstanding balance insurance
    • An outstanding balance insurance policy is a limited-period life insurance policy that is taken out to cover certain loans. If you die during the term of the policy, the insurer will repay the outstanding balance on the loan to your creditor. Such insurance is often taken out for mortgages.

  • Inheritance insurance
    • Leaving your heirs a considerable personal fortune sadly also means they have to pay sky-high inheritance tax. If you want to avoid your next of kin losing a substantial portion of their inheritance in this way, it's a good idea to take out inheritance insurance. Upon your death, your heirs will receive a lump sum to pay off their inheritance tax.

  • Managers' insurance
    • Self-employed business managers can take out managers' insurance to cover financial losses their company may incur upon their death or retirement.

  • Funeral insurance
    • The cost of a funeral can easily run into thousands of euros. With funeral insurance, you cover the costs of your funeral or cremation.