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For many people, buying their own home is an important, if not the most important investment in their lives. So it makes sense to ensure your home is properly insured. However, even tenants stand to benefit from getting good home insurance.

Why choose Van Dessel?

  • We make sure your home insurance only provides the cover you need. That means you won't have to pay to insure a swimming pool you don't own or a terrace you don't have.
  • But we personalise your policy even further: we also take account of the capital to be insured and the rate of depreciation of your home.
  • We are one of the top insurers of jewellery and art in Europe.
  • Fire insurance
    • As a homeowner, you take out home insurance to cover your home and contents against risks such as fire, explosion, storms, snow and hail, water damage and broken glass. You can also take out additional cover for annexes, large summer houses, terraces and swimming pools.

      If you have an investment property that you rent out, optional insurance on top of your homeowner's policy is advisable.

      If you are renting yourself, it is also a good idea to take out fire insurance. Not only does this cover damage to the rental property and your belongings, but it also allows you to meet your contractual conditions and cover your tenant's liability.
  • Theft insurance
    • For the average contents of a home, the theft cover that is included in your fire insurance is usually sufficient. But if you have special or valuable items at home, you may want to consider taking out additional theft cover that offers you extra options. For example, you can determine yourself what percentage of the value of the insured items will be paid back in the event of theft.
  • Valuable items insurance
    • For valuable items such as jewellery, art, antiques and electronics, it is a good idea to take out separate insurance to cover damage and theft. The insured value ceilings in normal fire and theft insurance policies are often too low to cover the actual value of these items.
  • Legal aid
    • With legal aid insurance, you can rely on legal assistance in the event of disputes regarding damage to your home or rented properties.
  • Home assistance insurance
    • Your heating is shot, your toilet is blocked, you've forgotten your key and you're locked out: all situations where all you want is help, ASAP. With home assistance insurance, you'll get help right away.