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Family insurance is not mandatory, but it is nonetheless essential as it insures you and your family members for unintentional damage to third parties.

For example, if you drop your friend's new smartphone and smash the screen. Or if you scratch a car with your bike when riding down a narrow street. Or if your dog bites the postman's leg.

Sometimes, you may cause damage to others without even doing anything yourself. For example, if a leak in your bathroom causes water damage to your neighbours' property, or if a flower pot falls off your balcony and damages a car.

So that you don't have to fork out for the costs, it is best to take out insurance to cover your liability. However, you may also be the victim of an error or negligence committed by someone else. Thanks to the legal aid cover in your family insurance policy, you can count on legal aid and support in claiming compensation.

Why choose Van Dessel?

  • We select the family insurance policy that suits your family best. On top of the personalised basic cover, we also offer add-ons for specific risks.
  • Personal civil liability insurance
    • This basic family insurance policy insures you, members of your family who live with you and your household pets in the event of material and physical damage to third parties.
  • Legal aid
    • If you suffer damages as a result of error or negligence on the part of someone else, you can use your legal aid insurance to claim compensation. This insurance covers the costs and fees for lawyers and experts and ensures you receive compensation even when the liable counterparty is unable to pay the amount due.